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Exciting New Research

The Effects of Vibroacoustic Music on Symptom Reduction Inducing the Relaxation

Response through "Good Vibrations"

by Dr. George Patrick

National Institute of Health, Government of USA

Autonomic Responses to

Music and Vibroacoustic

Therapy in Rett Syndrome

Märith Bergström-Isacsson, Peter O.O. Julu & Ingegerd Witt-Engerström

Nordic Journal of Music Therapy

Effects of low frequency sound vibration to human psychological and physiological phenomenon: A literature review

 Dziban Naufal 

 Bandung Institute of Technology 


 Ahmad Rofiq Rofiq Sofyan 

Universitas Padjadjaran 

Indonesia Japan Joint Scientific Venture

 Nurses Ease Pain in Cancer Center with Music 

 Valerie Coope, RN, OCN with Chris Brewer, MA, FAMI 

Music and Medicine - An interdisciplinary Journey

Nursing Spectrum

Contemporary Vibroacoustic Therapy Perspectives on Clinical Practice, Research, and Training

Marko Punkanen

Nyanssi Therapy Centre


Esa Ala-Ruona

University of Jyväskylä

Music and Medicine: An Interdisciplinary Journal

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