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Transport into an Alpha and or Theta state where
creative flow, super learning, and physical healing can take place
due to the “relaxation effect”.

How Does ReVibe Support Your Health and Vitality?
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Music selections transmitted through headphones use specific frequencies known as Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones that sync with brain patterns (waves) through the "frequency following response" thus guiding the busy brain to a

calmer state.



Specialized vibration generators which are attached to specific plate broadcasters within the chair receive the same signals as the headphones and convert them into kinetic energy so the cells of the body vibrate in sync with acoustic patterns derived from the musical or voice signal, a process we call Thetacoustics™.



The vibrational accompaniment provided

by the chair creates a complete synchronistic effect between mind and body. Particularly, when used with guided visualizations/meditations, the voice is felt as a light vibration on the skin, which then relays the voice signal to the brain where it is processed by the RAS (Reticular Activating System).

Because it is felt as a subtle vibration it then gets stored into the Subconscious. When coupled with the light and sound headset it adds yet another layer of relaxation as the same neurological beat patterns one hears and feels are encoded to the blinking lights.

This adds an important element since the optic cortex takes up more area within the brain then all other four senses put together.


After lying on the ReVibe chair™ or ReVibe mini™ for just 10-20 minutes, users emerge feeling rejuvenated as if they had slept for several hours. They report feeling more alert, level-headed, and ready to face the balance of the day with creativity, purpose, and passion. The ReVibe Chair™ is used by Corporations, Chiropractors, Universities, Float Spas,

and even children with sensory issues.

The Experience 

Revibe Mini w/Grounding

  • Down regulation of stress hormones

  • Increased creativity

  • Increased mobility

  • Mental awareness

  • State of induced relaxation

  • Feeling of being recharged

  • Mental clarity

  • Relief form aching muscles

  • Relaxation and peacefulness

  • Non-invasive brain stimulation

  • Reduction of generalized anxiety

  • Enhancement of overall mood

  • Full and peaceful night's sleep

Revibe Mini Vibrational Pillow

*Newly added Grounding* - Dr. Dewees finds grounding to be a vital wellness tool, so much so, we have added an 8inch stripe going down the back of the chair and the entire cervical pillow constructed with conductive grounding material.

What our customers are saying...

"It has easily become one of the favorite tools of our center.”

Dr. Micheal O.

Utah State University 

Stress Relief Center

"I can't say enough about this chair. I am so happy I have incorporated it into my business."

Marcie N.

Owner, Ultra Body Sculpting 

"I am amazed in what it did for me in just

20 minutes."

LaVon C.
Revibe Chair User

Meet our Founder

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THETAcoustics Founder

As a successful chiropractor in the Denver, CO area, Dr. Dewees developed THETAcoustics and the ReVibe Chair™ to help his patients to relax and achieve greater healing. It has now become a widely adopted therapy.


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